Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) or threshold personality disorder is a condition that appears as a result of the disruption of a person’s mental health. This condition affects the way you think and feels about themselves and others, as well as their patterns of abnormal behaviour. BPD can cause malfunctioning of the person running the daily life and interpersonal relationships with the surrounding. This disorder generally appears in the period leading up to adulthood, but can also improve with age. People with BPD may have a feeling of fear of abandonment, rejection, anxiety, anger, feel insignificant, and the tendency of hurting yourself or others. Impulsive actions, mood changes that often occur, as well as low self-image is causing the patient to the difficulty of maintaining a committed relationship and its longevity. Efforts doctors recognise and diagnose borderline personality disorder (BPD) begins by observing behaviour in accordance with the above symptoms. Given a history of traumatic events, physical or mental health condition in the past, as well as the ever taken medication can help a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist to diagnose. Treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is the main through psychotherapy. Medicine and hospital care can also be recommended, such as dual diagnosis treatment centers in accordance with the conditions and patient safety if needed. In certain cases, people with BPD can through hospital care to prevent the tendency to hurt himself or commit suicide.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can influence a person’s thinking and behaviour. The symptoms can appear, among others, fearful ignored so that make sufferers avoid separation, criticism, or rejection. Image and identity changes are rapidly affecting the values ??and objectives are known. People with BPD may view himself as a bad figure, resembling the figure of the antagonist in the movie. Experienced a stressful period that triggers paranoia, and lose touch with reality that can take up to several hours. Experience mood swings that lasted for days. Had the impulsive behaviour risky and sometimes dangerous, such as gambling, the relationship which unsafe, driving recklessly, or wasteful. A person with BPD can quit his job without any clear reason or end a relationship that is basically good. Easy to lose patience and become very angry to be able to trigger a quarrel or fight. At one moment can respect or love someone, but then changed and assume the person as being bad. Feel an emptiness psychologically ongoing.