Internet and religion: Share the words of Jesus

Sharing the words of Jesus is a must. You are one if his followers who’ve been ordered to save them from the darkness. Unfortunately, there are so many people who’ve been consumed by the modern lifestyle and they’ve abandoned the church for a long time. That’s why it will be a great idea for you to utilize that modern lifestyle itself to spread the news about ?What is the job of the holy spirit? so they will understand about it.

We recommend you to recommend the internet to reach them, and the social media just like the Facebook and Instagram can be the good choices. You may not expect to use them for this purpose, but it’s actually can be very effective. Make sure you’re choosing the right page and the right time to share your status about the love of Jesus, and you shouldn’t spam your status as well. This way, they may be touched by it and because of you, they’re willing to learn more about Jesus’s teachings at the church.